What is GoBiz USA?

GoBiz USA is a globally-driven, US-based service platform and marketplace designed to help new business owners and consumers navigate the challenges of starting a business, structure, and scale their operation by providing quality products and state-of-the-art resources.

We save you time and money by giving you access to a wide range of products and services with an easy-to-use dashboard! GoBiz USA is your enhanced cost-effective supply chain created for small businesses, large enterprises, and drop-ship e-commerce stores, and we’re based right here in the USA. With expedited fulfillment times, quality-controlled products, and reliable customer service, you can count on us for a superior experience from purchase to delivery. When you choose GoBiz USA for all your wholesale needs you will get the exact product as described, timely shipping, and a team of experts that will help you expand your business with proven tools.

Our marketplace contains thousands of high-end packaged consumer goods, available in small to large quantities, all located right here in the US. Our partnership with FedEx lets us offer FREE shipping on all orders $50 or more so you save when you buy wholesale. Our strategic placement of products throughout the US allows us to deliver top resources for enterprise-level buyers efficiently.

We allow our members net 30 terms as well as long-term contracts to try products confidently and pay later because we stand by our “Excellence Guaranteed” promise.

All products are personally checked for quality before shipment so if you have an e-commerce drop-ship company, you can rest assured that your customers will receive products that meet their satisfaction, guaranteed. You will receive your order within 2-5 business days as all products are at our local warehouses here in the US. FedEx delivers within that time frame so no need to worry about meeting deadlines .

In addition to giving you an timely and economical solution for all your material needs, we also want to lower the supply chain carbon footprint. That’s why we eliminate unnecessary product routing and dropship directly to the business/customer. By increasing economic productivity going from manufacturer/source to business/customer we limit touch points that add costs to products.

We provide valuable tools and perks made available for Business Members to receive access to early release products, discounted rates, faster shipping times, credit lines, and more! We think this is quite awesome…and our customers agree.

We have something that other vendors don't offer; a calculated dashboard that allows you to sell your products quickly and easily! By utilizing the strengths of our partnership with Oracle Netsuite, we can provide our product vendor partners with a powerful, self-sufficient tool that will drive higher sales, easy product management, and a state-of-the-art reporting system. For our B2B customers, we have the capability to offer flexible pricing and product specifications. You can issue a RFQ (request for a quote) from multiple vendors, set a bidding period, analyze the submitted proposals, and choose the deal that fits your budget.

If you see a product that you’re interested in, we can help you white label it so you can make it your own and help you sell it. Talk about full service!

Wait there’s more…

GoBiz USA is a multi-national team that brings a variety of cultures together to be able to accommodate multilingual speakers and function in the top consumer market.

We are your go-to product marketplace where you get cash back on all your business, home, and lifestyle essentials with FREE shipping and member perks! One-stop shopping, all-in-one service and guarantee of 100% satisfaction. You get all this and more when you choose GoBiz USA.