ZOYER Recovery+ 17" Essential Walker Fracture Boots | Universal for Left or Right Foot (X-Small)

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ZOYER Recovery+ Essential Walker Fracture Boots

Movement is life. Our Performance, Prevention, Recovery and Recovery+ braces are designed as protection for the everyday athlete in all of us. Whether you are a professional athlete or simply looking for enhanced protection for your day-to-day activities… Zoyer has you covered! Your body is your most prized trophy, be smart and protect yourself while you are training, competing, and living life.

ZOYER Recovery+ Essential Walker Fracture Boots

  • Superior Comfort and Support - Rubber outsole provides superior grip and abrasion resistance. Includes a low-profile footbed design that supports natural gait and helps to account for leg length discrepancies.
  • Recovery Plus Technology - Built to be the ideal recovery support for a wide range of foot sprains and injuries. This includes injuries such as:
    1. Grade II/III ankle sprains;
    2. Stable fracture of the fibula, talus, calcaneus, and medial malleolus;
    3. Post ligament, soft tissue, or tendon surgery;
    4. Forefoot or midfoot injury;
    5. Other areas as directed by a medical professional.
  • Reversible for Left and Right Foot - Ideal for post-injury and post-operative immobolization, range of motion control for stabilization, decreased heel-strike force on calcaneus, substitute ankle motion, for both left and right foot.
  • Available in 11" and 17" Heights - Two height options for different recovery needs.
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