ZOYER Prevention Thumb Stabilizer | Wrist Brace for R or L Hand | CMC Splint for Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief | Reversible | Universal Fit

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ZOYER Prevention Thumb Stabilizer

Movement is life. Our Performance, Prevention, Recovery and Recovery+ braces are designed as protection for the everyday athlete in all of us. Whether you are a professional athlete or simply looking for enhanced protection for your day-to-day activities‚ Zoyer has you covered! Your body is your most prized trophy, be smart and protect yourself while you are training, competing, and living life.

Universal wrist brace with enhanced preventative thumb stabilizer. prevents flexion thereby enabling wrist tissue to rest & recover sooner; ideal for sufferers of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), de Quervain Syndrome, arthritis in the wrist, and people suffering from numb fingers due to excessive wrist use ie. drawing, typing, mouse, or motorcycle riding; fits either the left or right hand, and can accommodate a broad range of hand sizes.

ZOYER Prevention Thumb Stabilizer

  • Daily Support and Protection - Features a support bar running from the thumb to the wrist to avoid excessive movement and help the joint recover. Built for de Quervain Syndrome.
  • Adjustable Design - Adjustable Velcro strap design, you can adjust the size and pressure according to your needs.
  • Breathable Moisture-Wicking Construction - High-quality Neoprene with breathable holes and skin-friendly moisture-absorbing fabric, suitable for all-day wear. Breathable neoprene promotes blood circulation for improved tissue recovery; moisture wicking fabric allowing superior comfort throughout the day.
  • Reversible for Left and Right Wrist - Designed for both left and right wrist.
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