Transparent Non-Adhesive Drawer Liner | Water resistant | Durable And Non-Slip | 12 in. x 5 ft.

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In many households, shelves and drawers keep essentials safe and unharmed from dust and bugs are not properly taken care of. Water and oil spills make the shelves prone to erosion and other damages that might give an unappealing look to the room.

EVA Liner suits any type of shelf, making it easier for your customers to make the right choice. EVA Liner is a modern type of shelf liner that is made of a suitable material, which has low temperature toughness, stress crack, and UV radiation resistance. Showcase to your customers why the EVA Shelf Liner is the right one for cabinets and other storage areas.

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Eva Non Adhesive Shelf & Drawer Liner Features:

  • EVA Shelf Liner is made of different patterns and colors that add a pop to any dull area.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • EVA Pantry Liners are waterproof and mildew resistant
  • The non slip surface can keep belongings in place
  • Protects furniture against damage, scratches, and wear.
  • The EVA Liners are affordable and durable.

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