Super Potency Selenium | 60 Capsules

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Detail Description


Boost health and protect the body from oxidative damage with Super Potency Selenium supplements. Selenium is a mineral naturally found in Brazilian nuts, seafood, beef, poultry, and grains. However, the selenium content in food is primarily based on location and soil conditions. Plants take in selenium based on its content levels in the soil. It is essential to stick to the prescribed selenium dosage. Too much selenium in the body can lead to health conditions such as muscle tremors, hair loss, lightheadedness, respiratory distress, and even kidney failure. Taking selenium via Super Potency Selenium supplements helps keep track of the dosage intake.

Both selenium deficiency and excess harm the body, while the perfect dosage leads to wide ranging health benefits. Two main conditions occur due to selenium deficiency: Keshan disease and Kashin Beck disease. Super Potency Selenium supplement can enhance the immune system and increase the white blood cell count. The antioxidants in selenium can help reduce the risk of age related cognitive issues. The ideal levels of selenium keep thyroid related disorders at bay.

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Super Potency Selenium Features

  • Plays a vital role in improving the immune system, and overall cardiovascular and reproductive health.
  • Serves as a potent antioxidant and helps reduce inflammation and oxidative stress faced by your body.
  • Helps restore the natural circadian rhythm, commonly associated with insomnia.
  • Works in conjunction with fatty acids, enhances cognition and higher brain activity.

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