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Iron is the primary source of red blood cells responsible for oxygen supply throughout the body. Super Potency Iron makes it easier by regulating the iron levels in the body with one or two pops of tablets a day. This supplement contains Ferric L Threonate, one of the best absorbed ferrous salts, supporting red blood cell functions. Super Potency Iron helps in the fight against anemia by acting as a solution to iron deficiency.

Overdose of iron may lead to health issues like constipation, stomach pain, or even feeling sick. Taking iron tablets with a small amount of food helps lessen such side effects. So it is essential to take correct amounts of iron supplements. The amount of iron typically an adult needs is around 8.7 mg and sometimes more for women due to menstruation. Foods that one should avoid eating while taking iron supplements are milk, high fiber foods, such as whole grains, raw vegetables, and bran, and any drink containing caffeine. It is ideal to take iron supplements at least two hours after having these foods. It is always advisable to consult a doctor to recommend the right amount of iron.

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Super Potency Iron Features

  • Reverses low iron levels and treats anemia.
  • Helps regulate gastrointestinal processes and body temperature.
  • Enhances hair and skin health.
  • Builds the immune system.
  • Consists of Ferric L Threonate, which supports red blood cells.

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