Pet Mat with Geometric Squares | Comfortable | Non Slip | 39.3 x 39.3 in.

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Pet Mats are rugs specifically designed to provide a comfortable place for pets to sleep or rest. They are made from soft materials such as fleece or microfiber, and they have non slip backings to prevent the mats from sliding around. Pet Mats For Floors come in various sizes and shapes to fit nearly any pet, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Whether your customer has a small dog or a large cat, a pet mat provides their furry friend with a comfortable place to rest.

The mat has a firm grip and does not move when the pet changes positions. Providing comfort and warmth to the pets, the mats allow them to lay down, rest, and play with ease. The restful, mushy, and snuggly Pet Placemats help the pets sleep well. Moreover, these mats have anti slip bases that prevent the pets from skidding while playing on them. It is also common for pets to push their food or water bowls around the floor, leading to spills that spoil the carpets. In such cases, the Pet Mats For Floors come handy and help keep the place tidy. It is easy to clean these mats and create a healthy environment for pets and people.

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Pet Mats Features

  • Ray Star Pet Mats are ideal for pets.
  • Have waterproof properties of over 104%.
  • Anti slip dots on their bottom keep the pads in place.
  • Prevent spills on the floor.
  • Come in multiple patterns and colors.

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