Green TPE Yoga Mat | Thermoplastic And Elastomeric | Non-Toxic | 24 x 72 in. 6 mm

SKU Green-TPE-Yoga-Mat-24x72-6
UNIT WEIGHT: 3.31 lb
PRODUCT DIMENSION : 24 x 72 in. 6 mm
UPC CODE: 724399851721
BRAND: Ray Star
Minimum Order Quantity : 3
724399851721 Piece of 1 3.31 lb / 26x6x6Ray Star
Minimum Quantity: 3

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Detail Description


Physical activities like pilates, yoga, and equipment free workouts and cardio can prove healthy and helpful to stay fit and free of diseases. The true benefit of these exercise formats can be achieved with proper accessories like a comfortable yoga mat, shoes, active wear, and a peaceful atmosphere. The lack of these items can cause harm in some cases. For instance, if there is no proper yoga mat, it can cause slipping due to sweat, thereby leading to unwanted injuries. A thin, flimsy mat can cause physical damage to the users, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

To avoid these hassles, your customers need the Ray Star 3D Yoga Mat. These yoga mats are non toxic, waterproof, and avoid accidents during yoga or pilates. They are classy and comfortable for your customers to enjoy a peaceful workout session. The unique 3D stereoscopic design pattern provides an aesthetic appeal. This lightweight, portable and durable yoga mat is low maintenance and is easy to clean and store. The 3D Yoga Mat comes in various colors and patterns, making it a must have exercise accessory in every home.

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TPE Yoga Mat Features:

  • With its carrying strap it is easy to carry and move around with.
  • TPE Yoga Mat is not only for yoga but also suitable for pilates and floor exercises.
  • TPE Yoga Mat is lightweight and durable.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • The extra softness makes it comfortable.
  • Has an odorless feature.
  • The pro body alignment function helps the body balance better during yoga.
  • Comes in different colors like purple, red, and blue.
  • Dimensions are (all 6mm thick) 72" x 24" x 1/4".

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