Peach Bubble Padded Shipping Envelope | Self Adhesive | 8.5 X 12 In | Case Of 250

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A Bubble Mailer is a type of padded envelope that contains bubbles or beads of air. These bubbles serve as cushions that help to protect the contents of the envelope during transit. Bubble Mailers are often used for shipping delicate items such as electronics or jewelry. They can also be used for shipping non delicate items such as clothing or books. Bubble Mailers come in a variety of sizes, and can be ordered with different levels of padding depending on the contents. Some Bubble Mailers even have self sealing closures that make them tamper resistant.

Bubble Mailer Bulk purchases with the right Bubble Mailer Height and weight measurements. Robust Bubble Mailer Packaging is critical to ensure safety of the products. With the appropriate Bubble Mailer Length, Width and Height requirements to match Bubble Mailer Weight, businesses can ensure business continuity and seamless customer service.

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Bubble Mailers Features:

  • All our Bubble Mailers are bubble lined padded envelopes for enhanced protection.
  • Available in multiple colors such as Blue, White, Peach Quartz, Kraft Bubble, Teal
  • With its self seal adhesive, your luggage and products are safe within the mailer until they reach the right person or place.
  • Our Bubble Mailer Envelope Sizes are multi functional, there's a right bubble mailer for every size.
  • Bubble Mailers' Variety Packs come in Halloween, and Christmas (Reindeer or Snowflake) themes.
  • As tear resistant as it gets, our air bubble mailers that feature a laminated top endure a great deal of stress and wear.

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