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Kids need calcium support for their bones to grow and harden during their formative years so that they can have healthy bones as adults. Supplementing them with BioCalth Kids tablets during those years contributes to their protection from bone loss later in life.

BioCalth Kids is a new, US patented calcium supplement for kids. It aims to support kids while they are growing solid bones and teeth. These chewable tablets are free of preservatives, iron, or sugar, which makes them safe for kids' intake.

Adding BioCalth Kids supplements to kids' routine has many benefits, along with promoting their bone and brain health. They come with a unique ingredient, calcium L Threonate, which increases the calcium absorption rate and efficiently delivers more calcium to the bones. Calcium is vital for the growth and development of children and adolescents as it helps maintain strong bones and teeth. Besides, it supports the body in case of muscle contractions, nerve stimulations, and blood pressure regulation. These tablets are also suitable for those who are allergic to dairy.

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BioCalth Kids Features:

  • Specifically promotes kids' calcium absorption with a high absorption rate of 95%.
  • Ensures enough calcium gets into kids' bones for better body growth and development.  
  • Protects kids' gums, mainly thanks to being sugar free, and enhances gum and teeth development and growth.
  • Promotes kids' wellbeing and healthy brain development.
  • Supplements collagen synthesis for structural support and the formation of the perfect matrix for skin, tendons, bones, and ligaments synthesis.  

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