Silver Aluminum Steel Ladder | Lightweight | Anti Slip | 3-Step

SKU 3-Step Silver Aluminum Steel Ladder
DIMENSION: 40.2x20.4x2.3
WEIGHT: 14.132 lb
UPC CODE: 724399850373

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The 3 Step Aluminum Steel Ladder is one of the most durable utilities available, with a weight bearing capability of up to 330lbs and high quality material. Foldable and portable, it is a must have for any home or business environment. Equipped with hand grip handles, these ladders allow you to access items that were previously difficult to reach. Your customers’ household duties will be a lot easier with this three step stool. When you cannot reach goods around your business venue and need a little additional height, workplace, or garage, a high grade heavy aluminum foldable step ladder is the equipment to utilize. 3 Step Aluminum Steel Ladder may be used for a variety of tasks around the house or for hobbies, such as climbing trees, cleaning windows, light bulbs, painting walls, and using it as an attic ladder.

The steps are spaced evenly so that it is easy to move up and down the ladder. The rungs are also made from steel, which makes them slip resistant. The 3 Step Aluminum Steel Ladder is ideal for use in confined spaces or where there is limited space to set up a traditional ladder. It is also easy to transport and can be stored in a small space. Its plastic section uses Nylon fiber to enhance load capacity, stability, aging resistance, and service life. 3 Step Aluminum Steel Ladder can hold up to 300 to 330 lbs. The oxidized surface of Aluminum can extend the life of a folding ladder.

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3 Step Aluminum Steel Ladder Features:

  • 3 Step Aluminum Steel Ladder is a high quality aluminum alloy.
  • The ladder is Lightweight And Anti Slip
  • This 3 Step Aluminum Steel Ladder is portable and saves space.
  • Easy to store and take up little room.
  • Each step retracts slowly and smoothly..
  • The 3 Step Aluminum Steel Ladder dimension is 30.13" x 18.7" x 43.2" and varies 1 to 2'' around it
  • Comes in white, black, silver, and gray.
  • Certificated with Safety TUV & GS.